Overcoming Social Anxiety :: Learn to Overcome Social Anxiety

If you have suffered from social anxiety for a long time then you may think that there is no hope for you. Or maybe you’re so comfortable of living with social anxiety that you can not imagine living without it.

You’ve gotten used to not go to parties, to reject opportunities to speak in front of other people and to buy online to avoid all social contact. It seems you have no incentive to change.

However .. the fact that you’re reading this article means one thing-something has happened in your life and this has you desire to change. Whatever the reason you decided to take action on the matter and try to overcome the social anxiety that you have done so much damage. Let me congratulate you for you have made an excellent decision.

Here I offer effective advice to begin to overcome social anxiety. Pay attention.

Set small and achievable goals to overcome anxiety . In order to overcome social anxiety it is necessary to face situations that make you anxious. It is very important to be realistic at all times. For example, do not decide to go to the Christmas party of the office as the first step.

One way to bring this about is to make a list of different social activities that make you anxious and score from 1 to 10 (1 being comfortable situations and 10 situations that induce fear and anxiety).

Start working with the situations and the numbers with which you feel most comfortable and then gradually go up in number. If you find yourself doing an activity that produces anxiety such as public speaking then remember to practice beforehand with your friends and family.

Consider the social situations that make you worried. And much of the anxiety we feel is a false and exaggerated view of social situations, an effective way to reduce this anxiety is to review the possible outcomes of the situation.

You are forcing your mind to think and see things objectively and see the situation differently, as it truly is. For example, if you’re afraid to go to a party because you think you will do something stupid and get humiliated then review in advance the possible outcomes of this situation.

By forcing you to analyze a determined situation, most of the time you realize that you feel these fears are totally inconsistent with reality, the “tragedies” that your mind believes simply never going to happen. If anything bad were to happen to you see how you can get away from that situation.

Practice relaxation techniques. Social anxiety produces various symptoms such as rapid breathing, rapid pulse, sweating, etc.. In order to overcome social anxiety have to learn to relax when you notice these physical manifestations of anxiety you feel.

If you feel your pulse quickens then breathe slowly. Inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 5. Do not force the air out. Imagine yourself getting rid of these concerns. It is also good practice meditation techniques as taught by the yoga.

Another thing you can do is memorize a verse or a phrase (as some of the Bible) on how to overcome anxiety. The most effective method is the one that serves you.

Looking on the bright side. People often leave us with vague impressions when communicating with them, either verbally or nonverbally. Practice seeing the positive meaning of these situations instead of thinking in the negative.

Never think it’s all about you. Do not get paranoid. Most of these times your mind is playing tricks to make you feel bad when in reality the situation is not about you. If someone is rude to you is very possible that this person was having a bad day, the problem is not you.

You must practice constantly and realize when you’re thinking negatively about yourself. Redirect your thoughts to anything positive that can rescue the situation.

More on how to Overcome Anxiety

Even if you follow these tips to overcome the fact 100% social anxiety is not an easy task. You’ll have your good days and your bad days. Some days you feel you’ve made great progress and that you can face any situation without anxiety or panic. Other days you’ll think you’ve fallen and you sink the boat.

The truth is that as long as you continue to try and keep a positive outlook you can succeed and feel better about yourself.

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