Causes of Anxiety :: Social Causes and Solutions for Social Anxiety

In order to beat social anxiety is important that you understand exactly what social anxiety is and what their causes are. In this article I want to give some context to learn more about this condition and the best ways to treat it. Understanding the causes of social anxiety and the best ways to eliminate from our lives.

What causes Social Anxiety?

Have you ever wondered whether people with social anxiety are born that way or if it’s a condition that develops over the years?

Rapid Response: Neither. These are not causes of social anxiety. What do I mean by this? Let me explain

Social Anxiety is not a disease

The truth is that social anxiety is not a disease. The vast majority of people with social anxiety have no physical or mental problems that requires medication (check with your doctor if you consider yourself part of the minority).

Social anxiety can be cured but not altering the chemical balance of your body through medication. While some medications can improve anxiety in some people, these drugs never permanently delete, it is only a temporary fix.

To permanently remove social anxiety you need a different approach. Which right now I will explain.

Social Anxiety is not a Trait of your Personality 

This is an error that many people make. When young, someone says “you are shy”. This assumes that social anxiety is a characteristic of the personality of this person. As if it was something with which the person is born with or have developed over the years, like his hair for example, or like being athletic or intelligent.

The reality is that social anxiety is not a feature of your personality. Think about this: are you shy 24 hours a day? Even when you’re alone? Do you feel just as anxious when you talk to a new person as when you talk to your best friend? Not really. So what does this mean?

Social Anxiety is Learned Behavior

Social anxiety is a behavior you learn over the years. Is a set of physical and mental behaviors we use to react in certain situations. The amount of anxiety and type of reaction that you experience depends on the situation.

Social Anxiety is not something you are, is something you do (sometimes)

It is important to understand that no one has anxiety in all areas of life, your anxiety is related to specific situations. You may not feel comfortable in social situations but I’m sure there are areas of your life where if you feel comfortable.

So stop assuming that social anxiety is part of your personality, something you can not alter. Never say “that’s just me.” Say “in this specific situation …”.

Social anxiety is a collection of thoughts and behaviors you have learned to use in certain social situations. This means you can unlearn these same thoughts and behaviors and replace them with new ones.

The Next Step

Naturally, the following step is to change and replace this pattern of negative thoughts and fear that your mind produces every time you’re in a social situation that is uncomfortable for you.This is best carried out by various techniques and exercises designed to permanently eliminate social anxiety.

This is precisely what the social therapist Sean Cooper Guide included in the Shyness and Social Anxiety System. In explaining to you step by step detail how to reprogram your mind so that you no longer fear these social situations. This way you can live a life free of social anxiety and shyness.

To download the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide then CLICK HERE

Social situations bother you? Do you not know what to say when you see an attractive person of the opposite sex? Suffer from low self-esteem? Do you avoid the holidays because you don’t know how to act? Hate public speaking? Having trouble making friends?

If you answered yes then the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide is exactly what you are looking for. With it you will learn how to be more sociable, eliminate shyness and social anxiety and social stress level among the people around you.

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