Symptoms of Social Anxiety: Discover the Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Next is the symptoms of social anxiety. If you experience some of these then I recommend that you seek help for social anxiety Eliminate it in your life as soon as possible.

 You feel an extreme fear of being watched or judged by others, especially by people of high social value or people who you do not know. You have a constant feeling that everyone is watching and thinking bad things about you.

If you hear someone laugh then immediately assume they are laughing at you. You are so aware of what other people think of you that you become very self-conscious about yourself. Being the center of attention is the worst that can happen.

 Are you afraid of social situations which you can be judged or examined. Situations such as eating in public, give a presentation, answering questions in a meeting or in college, using a public restroom to take calls on the phone.

 You avoid the most of being in situations where people do not know you. Going to a bar or a concert cause you great anxiety.  You see introducing yourself  to new people as an extremely difficult task.

 You have a great concern about future social situations that you can not escape. When invited to a party by a friend then from weeks earlier you start hating. He would hate the idea of entering the house with everyone seeing me, asking questions, jokes, etc..

This is called anticipatory anxiety and it aggravates very much the social anxiety that you may suffer.

 You’re afraid to make mistakes or do things that may result in self-abasement. When I went to parties I kept quiet to avoid saying, doing something stupid,  or being the center of attention.

Sometimes even the most insignificant comment reminded me not to do something stupid, then I start to blush for no reason.

 Worried that other people will notice symptoms of your social anxiety. You prevent people from seeing you trembling, sweating or blushing. When you notice these symptoms then you assume that everybody can also notice easily.

 You avoid social situations, especially where you can be the center of attention. Because of this behavior you may not have many friends. You may skip classes, job interviews, social invitation. Your social life may be very poor, therefore you do not approach attractive people of the opposite sex and have a frustrating sex life .

 Among the physical symptoms are: sweating, trembling, cold hands, rapid heartbeat pulse,weak and broken, trouble swallowing, poor appetite, rapid breathing and continuous flushing among others.

The fact of having social anxiety causes us to live in constant fear of being judged negatively by others. The concern is to see maximum ridiculed or humiliated in social situations. Even when we think that this anxiety and this fear is irrational, we are always controlled by these emotions.

Because of this constant worry we make decisions based on fear and we feel the desire to avoid people. You may also think you have very few social skills and that other people are great to interact with others. This is not always true, your negative mentality is that he wants you to believe this.

When you are free from social anxiety – which is 100% curable, you’ll see with the absence of the anxiety your social skills are better than you  thought. Even if these skills should be poor, when you do not feel anxiety you can learn them quickly.

The Cure for Social Anxiety

Through exercises and psychologically proven techniques to change your mentality and behavior is possible to eradicate social anxiety permanently. This is exactly what the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide offers you . This self-help guide was written by Sean Cooper, a renowned social therapist. It tells you step by step what to do to start living right now free from social anxiety.

To download the guide CLICK HERE

Attention: do social situations stress you out? do you like to live with better self-esteem and surrounded by good friends? Do you hate the symptoms of social anxiety and want to eradicate once and for all? If so, then visit this page to start living the social life you deserve and dreamed of!


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