How to Make Friends: 7 Ways to Make Friends

Learning the right way to making friends is an important step for people seeking a better life both socially and personally.

What do you do to become a person who can make friends easily? The answer lies in becoming a socially universal wherever you go. In your day to day you take a 100% social mentality even though sometimes do not feel much like talking.

Your level of social progress depends on the number of people you talk to, increasing the amount of time you talk to them and also increasing the number of times you talk to people you already know. The idea is to start being social all the time, as an integral part of your natural personality, not like a light that you turn on and turn off depending on the situation.

There are 7 Tips to help you be more social and make more friends:

1. Join a group. If you have a group of colleagues, then accompany them to lunch. If you’re at a party and everyone is chatting on the terrace then join them. Do it even if you feel confident or not.

The issue of being more social is like jumping into a pool. At first its a bit scary but once you do it is much more fun than to stay outside and watch others have fun.

2. Join a club.  Get into club activities that appeal to you is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Activities such as a football club, a dance class, yoga classes or just get to a gym will give you a valuable social experience.

Talking to people is easy because you already have a common theme with them. Remember to be social and friendly . You spend and meet people with the same interests as you. You win twice.

3. Start a conversation. There are many ways to do this. For example, a commentary on the immediate environment “At least it’s not raining like last week,” a cry for help “could you help me carry these boxes?” Or “I can help you decide which of these gifts is best for your Mom, “compliment” that nice car! “or” I like your shoes. ”

Ask a question immediately after, “you like this hot weather?”, “What kind of gifts you usually buy your mom?”, “Where you bought those shoes?”.

4. Assume familiarity. A good way to reduce anxiety and feel more natural is to treat people as if you already knew. Make comments as if you were doing to family or other friends of yours. Make them casually.

This is a great way to practice when being social with everyone. Assume that all people are your friends. Ironically if you get to talk to a stranger and treat him as if you really did not know them it is much more strange and uncomfortable.

Acting casual, other people see that you’re just making a comment because you are a social person. They will feel confident to interact back with you.

5. Introduce yourself. This is the simplest and easiest way to start talking to someone else if you’re at a social event of any kind, for example, if you have joined a swimming club or if you’re at a party where you know only a pair of people.

In these situations people expect to meet new friends so the best way is to go and introduce yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose and to win many friends.

6. Be a good friend. Once you’ve spent time with future friends to remember your part (proposing activities, remember birthdays, ask about the status of the other person) otherwise the friendship is going to lose his balance and separation can occur.

Remember to be reliable. If you and your friend (s) agreed to meet somewhere then try not to be late, never let them down. If you are going to arrive late and then let them know you will be late and apologize in advance. Try not to look bad, this is a lousy way to start a possible friendship. When you say you’ll do something then do it. Be a person in whom others can trust.

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