Causes of Shyness :: The 3 Causes of Shyness

The causes of shyness vary with each person suffering from this condition. Understanding the individual causes of shyness plays an important role in efforts to defeat shyness and live without complexes.

Often the root of shyness are several pieces of a puzzle that combined will cause fear and restrictions when interacting with others. The act of determining the cause is a process in itself but should be done in order to ensure that the shy will not return once we get defeat.

Many factors may have caused your shyness or combine to produce the same condition. The following list mentions the 3 most common causes that produce shyness in people.

As you read this list may well recognize some of these causes or situations and how they relate to yourself and the way they affect you. Use the following list to make a more specific list of possible causes that have affected you in your personal case. We begin

Cause 1 Low Self Esteem

People with low self-esteem and low opinion of themselves do not feel confident enough or good enough to interact socially with others. A good self-esteem is the understanding and appreciating that you have virtues that make you unique and special.

Good about yourself means being able to see yourself and see your strengths and your weaknesses and accept both as an integral part of the person you are. When you can not accept yourself and love yourself then you assume that others also will like you and your presence.Unfortunately sometimes we ourselves are our worst critics and other people do not even see this so negatively.

Cause 2 Proceeds from other conditions

A person such battle against shyness can be as bad as a result of this condition, who may think that you are not able or will not bother to communicate with others that appear to be happier.

Shyness is a product of depression or anxiety will not disappear until the depression or anxiety are treated. If you feel that your shyness is the result of another condition because you do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

Traumatic Incident Cause 3

Traumatic events of our past such as a speech that had a bad reception or public humiliation in front of our friends can make a person adversely. This is a major cause of the timidity of many people.

As another example, an extrovert who is criticized and treated badly at home may not be back with the confidence to demonstrate extraversion. Traumatic events that cause shyness need be fought along with your shyness because these events will continue to plague unless the superstructure and delete them from your mind.

Your Next Step

Your next step is to find techniques and exercises to help you completely eliminate the causes of shyness. Precisely for this, a guide was created the Shyness and Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper

It tells you step by step foolproof techniques to improve self-esteem. Specific exercises to clear your mind of traumatic events that you have marked negatively. It also comes a section on how to make friends and expand your social circle.

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