How to be More Social :: Important Tips to be more Social

One of the most common questions I receive daily is about shy people with social phobia or people who want to learn how to be more social, and this is a very important issue. It’s more than proven that people who have social lives are happier and more successful both personally and professionally than shy people with social communication problems.

Thus, in the next article I will give you important tips to help you better speak fluently in social settings and gradually teach you how to be more social.

Experience and Expertise!

Like anything in life worth learning, becoming a social person is something that requires some effort and work. It is a process of development and adaptation is not immediate but, if it is extremely affordable and you can achieve.

It is important that you expose yourself to social situations, experience it, you have successes and failures, you learn your lessons and keep practicing actively. It is impossible to pretend to be more social if you do not leave your comfort zone and makes the attempt to socialize with others.

Arm yourself with confidence and speak!

A few years ago I did not feel comfortable and sure of myself when I was in the presence of several people. I had trouble being in social situations because I was afraid that people would reject me or think ill of me. If you feel the same then pay attention: what we feel is an irrational fear, which is not realistic and that only exists in your own mind.

The only proven way to be more social is to stop the personal complexes in the house, go out and talk with other people directly. It is through this experience that your brain will adapt to a more social behavior. And with the passage of time will be removed that fear previously felt, as you will realize that this fear is irrational, because salts get away with these social situations and even you are beginning to enjoy.

Over time I began to feel at ease around people, their stories and their unique personalities. I was interested in listening to people and I enjoyed sharing my views and interests with them.Rather than isolate and keep quiet over time I began to open up to other people and I managed to connect with most of them.

Start small

It is important to begin slowly and over time progress. Start talking and interacting with the people you encounter in your day to day life. It may be the barista who serves you coffee in the morning, the cashier at the supermarket, your neighbor of 80 years old, etc..Simple things like greeting with a “hello, how about” a “thank you very much” or “good evening” begin to make a difference in your sociability.

When you see yourself in social settings then be receptive and open. Once you enter into a conversation then try to keep the dialogue, being yourself at all times. Relax, keep eye contact with the person you’re talking to and just enjoy the moment. Remember that humor is refreshing but never try very hard to be the life of the party. Nobody likes people who try to get a lot of attention.

If at any time you feel anxious then a good technique to lower this anxiety is deep breathing. Inhale through your nose for 3 seconds and exhale through the mouth by 4. Do it for 1 minute and see how you feel more calm and relaxed.

How short to learn how to be more social, outgoing and popular

If there is something that really helped me learn to be more social and eliminate my shyness and social phobia was the guide how to overcome shyness . This guide was written by the famous Sean Cooper, a social therapist and he tells you step by step unique and highly effective method to positively transform your social life. The tips in this article are a touch of the information that comes included in the directory.

To download the how to overcome shyness guide then CLICK HERE

If you’re sick of  being stuck in your house because you are a shy, introverted and no social skills and you want to change your social life once and for all to become a social person, popular with many friends then VISIT THIS PAGE


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