Combat Anxiety :: The 5 Steps to Combat Social Anxiety

July 5, 2012

If you want to learn how to combat social anxiety then you’re in the right place. Let me tell you to live a life free from social anxiety is very important to be aware of what we do every day to get better over time.

Lucky for you, then I will summarize in 5 steps you need to do to beat social anxiety permanently.

Step # 1 – Forget the Labels

• It is important to know that Social Anxiety is not a specific thing. Social anxiety is a collection of beliefs and behaviors that limit you as a person, resulting in negative feelings in social situations. You were not born with social anxiety but rather have been developed over the years.

• There is nothing wrong with you. You function perfectly, you might not think so but know that the brain is designed to operate at the address sent to you. There is nothing wrong with you or you suffer from any illness , you are simply working correctly, but in the wrong direction.

Step # 2 – Change of Mentality

• You stop thinking about your social value is low and you do not have much to contribute.Remember that social anxiety is just illusions and mistaken feelings that you are you entered in your mind. The vast majority of the negative things you think of yourself not exist and others simply do not perceive.

• You are a person just as valuable and important than the rest and you should never feel less. If you feel less is because you admire several features of the others you think best to yours and so you end up in strong arms and adapt socially. Do not let this pass. Look for ways to improve your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

Work on building your self-esteem and feel a more complete person, so you will feel much more confident around people.

Step # 3 – Improve your Social Skills

• This step is very important. Very often people are anxious because they are socially embedded in situations which do not have the skills or the right strategy to get away with. By being vulnerable, fear begins to frighten them that something bad may happen that’s going to humiliate and will lose social value in the eyes of others.

• To dramatically improve your social skills you can feel a huge change in the way you feel in these situations. You’ll feel great confidence, 100% in control of the situation and can speak fluently in a big way.

• The social skills more you work with are: learning to observe and listen, like talking to strangers, how to give a compliment, like taking the criticism positively and how do you make an impact emotionally with someone of the opposite sex.

Step # 4 – Experience and Expertise!

• Experience of living and new situations is vital to combat social anxiety. The steps above will help you a lot recently to get in situations that will give you great experience. The key is to expose you to different types of social situations, so your brain will adapt and know that has nothing to fear.

Through experience significantly lower your anxiety because you will not have any fear because you know that nothing bad will happen to you.

• This step takes time. I recommend you give systematic approach. Situations crumbles into small pieces and used a strategy in which you do something every day that makes you feel a little anxious without being overwhelming.

Step # 5 –The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Guide

• As a person who suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years, I can confidently say that this guide is the best material there is to learn how to defeat anxiety, social phobia and shyness.

• This guide was written by the famous therapist Sean Cooper and he tells you step by step a unique and effective way to acquire social confidence you need to give your life a radical positive change.

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Overcoming Social Anxiety :: Learn to Overcome Social Anxiety

April 1, 2012

If you have suffered from social anxiety for a long time then you may think that there is no hope for you. Or maybe you’re so comfortable of living with social anxiety that you can not imagine living without it.

You’ve gotten used to not go to parties, to reject opportunities to speak in front of other people and to buy online to avoid all social contact. It seems you have no incentive to change.

However .. the fact that you’re reading this article means one thing-something has happened in your life and this has you desire to change. Whatever the reason you decided to take action on the matter and try to overcome the social anxiety that you have done so much damage. Let me congratulate you for you have made an excellent decision.

Here I offer effective advice to begin to overcome social anxiety. Pay attention.

Set small and achievable goals to overcome anxiety . In order to overcome social anxiety it is necessary to face situations that make you anxious. It is very important to be realistic at all times. For example, do not decide to go to the Christmas party of the office as the first step.

One way to bring this about is to make a list of different social activities that make you anxious and score from 1 to 10 (1 being comfortable situations and 10 situations that induce fear and anxiety).

Start working with the situations and the numbers with which you feel most comfortable and then gradually go up in number. If you find yourself doing an activity that produces anxiety such as public speaking then remember to practice beforehand with your friends and family.

Consider the social situations that make you worried. And much of the anxiety we feel is a false and exaggerated view of social situations, an effective way to reduce this anxiety is to review the possible outcomes of the situation.

You are forcing your mind to think and see things objectively and see the situation differently, as it truly is. For example, if you’re afraid to go to a party because you think you will do something stupid and get humiliated then review in advance the possible outcomes of this situation.

By forcing you to analyze a determined situation, most of the time you realize that you feel these fears are totally inconsistent with reality, the “tragedies” that your mind believes simply never going to happen. If anything bad were to happen to you see how you can get away from that situation.

Practice relaxation techniques. Social anxiety produces various symptoms such as rapid breathing, rapid pulse, sweating, etc.. In order to overcome social anxiety have to learn to relax when you notice these physical manifestations of anxiety you feel.

If you feel your pulse quickens then breathe slowly. Inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 5. Do not force the air out. Imagine yourself getting rid of these concerns. It is also good practice meditation techniques as taught by the yoga.

Another thing you can do is memorize a verse or a phrase (as some of the Bible) on how to overcome anxiety. The most effective method is the one that serves you.

Looking on the bright side. People often leave us with vague impressions when communicating with them, either verbally or nonverbally. Practice seeing the positive meaning of these situations instead of thinking in the negative.

Never think it’s all about you. Do not get paranoid. Most of these times your mind is playing tricks to make you feel bad when in reality the situation is not about you. If someone is rude to you is very possible that this person was having a bad day, the problem is not you.

You must practice constantly and realize when you’re thinking negatively about yourself. Redirect your thoughts to anything positive that can rescue the situation.

More on how to Overcome Anxiety

Even if you follow these tips to overcome the fact 100% social anxiety is not an easy task. You’ll have your good days and your bad days. Some days you feel you’ve made great progress and that you can face any situation without anxiety or panic. Other days you’ll think you’ve fallen and you sink the boat.

The truth is that as long as you continue to try and keep a positive outlook you can succeed and feel better about yourself.

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The Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide of Sean Cooper recognized therapist teaches you a unique and foolproof method to start living without social anxiety, speak fluently better in social situations and learn more and better people. This is the best-selling guide on the internet and has helped hundreds of people improve their social life.

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Causes of Anxiety :: Social Causes and Solutions for Social Anxiety

March 21, 2012

In order to beat social anxiety is important that you understand exactly what social anxiety is and what their causes are. In this article I want to give some context to learn more about this condition and the best ways to treat it. Understanding the causes of social anxiety and the best ways to eliminate from our lives.

What causes Social Anxiety?

Have you ever wondered whether people with social anxiety are born that way or if it’s a condition that develops over the years?

Rapid Response: Neither. These are not causes of social anxiety. What do I mean by this? Let me explain

Social Anxiety is not a disease

The truth is that social anxiety is not a disease. The vast majority of people with social anxiety have no physical or mental problems that requires medication (check with your doctor if you consider yourself part of the minority).

Social anxiety can be cured but not altering the chemical balance of your body through medication. While some medications can improve anxiety in some people, these drugs never permanently delete, it is only a temporary fix.

To permanently remove social anxiety you need a different approach. Which right now I will explain.

Social Anxiety is not a Trait of your Personality 

This is an error that many people make. When young, someone says “you are shy”. This assumes that social anxiety is a characteristic of the personality of this person. As if it was something with which the person is born with or have developed over the years, like his hair for example, or like being athletic or intelligent.

The reality is that social anxiety is not a feature of your personality. Think about this: are you shy 24 hours a day? Even when you’re alone? Do you feel just as anxious when you talk to a new person as when you talk to your best friend? Not really. So what does this mean?

Social Anxiety is Learned Behavior

Social anxiety is a behavior you learn over the years. Is a set of physical and mental behaviors we use to react in certain situations. The amount of anxiety and type of reaction that you experience depends on the situation.

Social Anxiety is not something you are, is something you do (sometimes)

It is important to understand that no one has anxiety in all areas of life, your anxiety is related to specific situations. You may not feel comfortable in social situations but I’m sure there are areas of your life where if you feel comfortable.

So stop assuming that social anxiety is part of your personality, something you can not alter. Never say “that’s just me.” Say “in this specific situation …”.

Social anxiety is a collection of thoughts and behaviors you have learned to use in certain social situations. This means you can unlearn these same thoughts and behaviors and replace them with new ones.

The Next Step

Naturally, the following step is to change and replace this pattern of negative thoughts and fear that your mind produces every time you’re in a social situation that is uncomfortable for you.This is best carried out by various techniques and exercises designed to permanently eliminate social anxiety.

This is precisely what the social therapist Sean Cooper Guide included in the Shyness and Social Anxiety System. In explaining to you step by step detail how to reprogram your mind so that you no longer fear these social situations. This way you can live a life free of social anxiety and shyness.

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Social situations bother you? Do you not know what to say when you see an attractive person of the opposite sex? Suffer from low self-esteem? Do you avoid the holidays because you don’t know how to act? Hate public speaking? Having trouble making friends?

If you answered yes then the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide is exactly what you are looking for. With it you will learn how to be more sociable, eliminate shyness and social anxiety and social stress level among the people around you.

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Techniques for Managing Social Anxiety :: 3 Highly Effective Techniques

March 11, 2012

If you are like a lot of people looking for techniques to control social anxiety quietly and want to feel more confident in social situations then pay attention to the next article .. A touch of the information you find in the directory the Shyness and Social Anxiety System

Technique 1 – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Do not be intimidated by the word ‘diaphragm’. It just means taking a deep breath with your stomach instead of your chest. People with social anxiety tend to breathe in a shallow, almost superficial. Especially when they are in situations they perceive them uncomfortable and anxious. Shallow breathing (unlike diaphragmatically) not only increases your anxiety but it also causes you a weak voice that is heard as fragile. To run this first technique to control social anxiety, the first thing to do is relax your neck and your shoulders, as much as possible. Now let’s see how often you breathe. Take a deep breath and feel which part of your body moves. You feel your chest move or your stomach? When you breathe you should not feel your upper chest and your shoulders rising and falling.This happens when you do not breathe properly. To breathe the right way (with diaphragm) puts a hand on stomach and the other on your chest. Lying down can best help noticing the difference. When you inhale you should feel your abdominal (stomach) expands. When you exhale you should feel your stomach shrinks. Your shoulders should not move about. Use your hands to feel you’re doing it correctly. Just hand over your abdomen should move, the other on your chest does. Another important part of diaphragmatic breathing is relaxing to ease breathing when accelerated. When you feel anxious your body becomes alert and your breathing quickens. To relax you need to breathe slowly. Once you’re breathing slowly your mind and your body will follow suit and relax. To pause the breath you inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 5 or 6 seconds. As you exhale let the air out and flow naturally, do not force the air out of your lungs. Also remember to breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Talves cost you at first but soon you do naturally. Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique that wear out only when you feel anxiety. You should try to take out most of the time. The good news is that you can practice anywhere.

Technique 2 – Personal Acceptance

Never try to contain your anxiety symptoms. One of the things that makes social anxiety different from other anxiety is the fact that a person with social anxiety fears the symptoms of anxiety itself. I’ll explain. When you feel anxious you do not want anyone to know. You do everything possible to prevent someone from seeing you sweating, trembling or red in the face of grief. So naturally you try to contain or to battle with these symptoms to go away as soon as possible. The problem is that the more you try to make other people not see your symptoms, the more pressure you put on yourself. The more pressure you put yourself more anxious you’ll be. It is a pernicious and vicious cycle. More pressure = more sweating, tremor, etc.. The truth of the matter is that your symptoms are not flashy as you think you are. And if you would believe me that other people would not mind. Perhaps to you once you care if someone else sweating or trembling? Talves mind say yes, but the truth is that you would be too focused on what other people think of you to be thinking about this other person.

The problem with Resist 

When you’re feeling fear and discomfort it is natural to want to eliminate these emotions in any way, at any cost. Unfortunately using this technique is like pouring gasoline onto a bonfire. To struggle, to resist and to attack the anxiety only makes the anxiety stronger. What you believe that it is going to eliminate your anxiety only it is worsening it. You must not fight a negative emotion with another negative emotion. Only aggravate the situation and end up feeling worse.

Technique 3 – The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Guide 

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is a recognized guide by social therapist Sean Cooper. It includes techniques and exercises unique and scientifically proven to help people to permanently eliminate shyness and social anxiety. This guide tells you step by step how to reprogram your mind and body to overcome shyness and social anxiety permanently. It also includes sections that teaches you step by step how to make friends, and be more social, how to cure social phobia, public speaking and how to feel comfortable at parties and social gatherings, among others.

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Learning how to be more sociable and live without shyness is not as difficult as you think. You just need to learn and master the techniques to control social anxiety and live a happy and free from shyness. This is precisely what you are taught in the Shyness and Social Anxiety System Guide. Hundreds of people have improved their lives thanks to this guide, and you, do you expect?

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How to become a more sociable person :: 4 Vital Tips for More Sociable

March 1, 2012

If you are shy or introverted, or suffer from social phobia then you’ve found the perfect article. Learning how to be a more gregarious person is an important step to achieving a successful social life.

Being sociable with the people around us is about attitude, not aptitude. What does this mean? This means that anyone who wishes it can carry out it. Even when we have some degree of shyness or social phobia , we can all learn this type of social behavior that will open doors to a better personal and professional life.

Pay attention to these tips, they will provide a solid foundation for learning how to be a more sociable person.

Step by step and little by little

When we get frustrated by having few good friends then it is very tempting to try to change our personality overnight and become that person that is so social and popular. However things do not work this way. It is not possible to achieve such a radical change in so little time.

What you do is take your time, identify areas in which can get better and then act naturally. The change you will notice over time. You should not expect immediate results.Our brain needs time to adapt to this new behavior.

A good advice is that you should set small steps to be more sociable and go take these steps one by one, without any pressure. For example, when you’re in a social group, you can start by asking more questions and once you feel comfortable with that then you can begin to contribute more to the conversation.

When you feel less anxious or shy then you can speak and contribute more often to social conversations. In the course of time and with experience in your situation and your shyness social anxiety will go down dramatically. This is because your brain recognizes that it has nothing to fear from these situations. You feeling of fear is irrational and can also get away with this kind of social situations.

Be Realistic with Your Goals

One thing many shy people have in common is the fact that their self-imposed social standards are very high. Many shy people are suing themselves to make a great first impression with other people and to be liked around the world. And if this does not happen then it is a tragedy.

It is important to leave this kind of thinking. It simply is not realistic for anyone, not even for people with many social skills, and also it’s hurting you so much.

See it’s that simple: If your definition of social success is to try to be liked by all then you are destined to remain shy and introverted. But if your goal is simply to talk with new people and gradually get to be a more sociable then that is most realistic.

What I want you to remember is this: socially speaking you should never demand too much of you yourself. Never put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders. You are human like the rest of us, you’ll connect well with some people and not so well with some others. This is completely normal, accept it and move on.

Control Your Internal Dialogue

How can people self-imposed social goals? They do so through internal dialogue in their heads.They say to themselves “I have to impress this person,” “what a tragedy if they don’t like me”, “I hope they accept me,” and these type of thoughts do not benefit you at all.

In your eagerness to learn how to be a more gregarious person, it is extremely important that you learn to control your internal dialogue when in social situations, because the vast majority of these thoughts you think are dead wrong and rubbish, are thoughts that make you uneasy and create social anxiety unnecessarily.

You must learn to identify and correct these wrong thoughts, unrealistic and unnecessary fear that both make you feel anxious. To change them you need to replace them systematically and change your behavior for the better. This will help you increase your self-esteem, to feel good about yourself and interact more easily with people around you.

Once you put shyness aside and be more outgoing and sociable then your social skills will be developed over time with experience. It’s a positive cycle to be perpetuated to the point where you feel totally comfortable in social settings.

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Guide

The advice you just read is a touch of the information you’ll find in the Shyness and Social Anxiety System  Guide. This guide was written by Sean Cooper recognized social therapist. It will explain several unique and foolproof methods to overcome shyness and social phobia, develop social skills, overcome the fear of rejection and how to be a more sociable person.

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Social Anxiety Treatment :: The Final Cure for Social Anxiety

February 27, 2012

When we look for the words “social anxiety treatment” in Google or any other page of search results then you see in its majority pages full of spam and low quality information that does not help you at all.

That’s why I decided to write this article. Several months ago I was at a very unfortunate place in my life. Social anxiety and shyness had hijacked my life to the point where I no longer wanted to leave my house. It was at this point in my life when I decided to search the internet for a treatment for my social anxiety. A guide to explain to me how to overcome this social anxiety that was killing me so much.

Having seen various products and low-quality courses that promised to cure my social anxiety, I finally found one that caught my attention and it really paid off. I’m talking about the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide, written by Sean Cooper, a renowned social therapist.

The Difference with Other Products

Unlike other products and treatments offered on the Internet, the Shyness and Social Anxiety System includes techniques, strategies and exercises easily applied to everyday life and extremely effective. So effective that the results are permanent.

Moreover, its low price and money back guarantee makes the product that deserves to be tested.  I remember when visiting a psychologist I spent $ 70 for each weekly appointment. It was a lot of money and the truth is that I consider it a failed investment. Most of all, I knew that this psychologist had never suffered from social anxiety therefore did not know how to get in my shoes.

Sean Cooper, author of the Shyness and Social Anxiety System, is a person who suffered from shyness and social anxiety for many years, until college, studying psychology and career through various social experiments, managed to capture a unique and highly effective way in helping himself and other people overcome social anxiety permanently.

For whom is this guide for?

• Men and women who feel that shyness and social anxiety is hurting them in their personal, social and professional life

• People who want to learn to develop social skills to improve their quality of life

• Men and Women who want to learn to develop confidence to highlight social and professional life

• Those who want to learn to be part of social groups and relate better with people

• Anyone who feels intimidated by people of high social value and wants to learn to overcome this anxiety

Included in the Guide?

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide is extremely comprehensive and easy to read. These are some of the issues that come with it.

•  Golden methods to permanently remove the shyness and social anxiety.

• Habits Infallible to reduce anxiety in stressful situations and uncomfortable.

• The exact reason why you suffer from social anxiety.

• The most effective strategies to public speaking and giving presentations without anxiety whatsoever.

• The strategy for developing new friendships and have more friends.

• Specific exercises to overcome the fear of rejection once and for all.

• Exactly how to identify and eliminate the negative thoughts that increase your anxiety.

• How to eliminate the physical symptoms you suffer in times of anxiety (sweating, shaking, blushing, etc.).

• The small adjustment in breathing you should do to reduce anxiety dramatically.

• The steps to develop unshakable self-esteem.

The Verdict

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is the best treatment for social anxiety that exists in the market right now. The methods and tips that provided in this guide will not only help eliminate social anxiety but it also positively change other aspects of your life.

You will notice improved confidence and self-esteem, social anxiety free life, you will be able to make friends, have better relationships and possibly even more successful financially as a result of being a social person and better social skills.

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System contains the best tips that will change your social life forever in a positive and enriching pleasant way.

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Symptoms of Social Anxiety: Discover the Symptoms of Social Anxiety

February 20, 2012

Next is the symptoms of social anxiety. If you experience some of these then I recommend that you seek help for social anxiety Eliminate it in your life as soon as possible.

 You feel an extreme fear of being watched or judged by others, especially by people of high social value or people who you do not know. You have a constant feeling that everyone is watching and thinking bad things about you.

If you hear someone laugh then immediately assume they are laughing at you. You are so aware of what other people think of you that you become very self-conscious about yourself. Being the center of attention is the worst that can happen.

 Are you afraid of social situations which you can be judged or examined. Situations such as eating in public, give a presentation, answering questions in a meeting or in college, using a public restroom to take calls on the phone.

 You avoid the most of being in situations where people do not know you. Going to a bar or a concert cause you great anxiety.  You see introducing yourself  to new people as an extremely difficult task.

 You have a great concern about future social situations that you can not escape. When invited to a party by a friend then from weeks earlier you start hating. He would hate the idea of entering the house with everyone seeing me, asking questions, jokes, etc..

This is called anticipatory anxiety and it aggravates very much the social anxiety that you may suffer.

 You’re afraid to make mistakes or do things that may result in self-abasement. When I went to parties I kept quiet to avoid saying, doing something stupid,  or being the center of attention.

Sometimes even the most insignificant comment reminded me not to do something stupid, then I start to blush for no reason.

 Worried that other people will notice symptoms of your social anxiety. You prevent people from seeing you trembling, sweating or blushing. When you notice these symptoms then you assume that everybody can also notice easily.

 You avoid social situations, especially where you can be the center of attention. Because of this behavior you may not have many friends. You may skip classes, job interviews, social invitation. Your social life may be very poor, therefore you do not approach attractive people of the opposite sex and have a frustrating sex life .

 Among the physical symptoms are: sweating, trembling, cold hands, rapid heartbeat pulse,weak and broken, trouble swallowing, poor appetite, rapid breathing and continuous flushing among others.

The fact of having social anxiety causes us to live in constant fear of being judged negatively by others. The concern is to see maximum ridiculed or humiliated in social situations. Even when we think that this anxiety and this fear is irrational, we are always controlled by these emotions.

Because of this constant worry we make decisions based on fear and we feel the desire to avoid people. You may also think you have very few social skills and that other people are great to interact with others. This is not always true, your negative mentality is that he wants you to believe this.

When you are free from social anxiety – which is 100% curable, you’ll see with the absence of the anxiety your social skills are better than you  thought. Even if these skills should be poor, when you do not feel anxiety you can learn them quickly.

The Cure for Social Anxiety

Through exercises and psychologically proven techniques to change your mentality and behavior is possible to eradicate social anxiety permanently. This is exactly what the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide offers you . This self-help guide was written by Sean Cooper, a renowned social therapist. It tells you step by step what to do to start living right now free from social anxiety.

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Overcoming Shyness :: 6 Effective Ways to Overcome Shyness

February 2, 2012

If you constantly wonder what to do in order to overcome shyness then you’ve found the perfect article. Shyness can be described as the personal behavior that limits you when interacting with others in a social environment. For many people not  overcoming shyness is to achieve a life full of difficulties at the social level that can limit their personal development and professional.

The truth is that shyness is a serious condition, not far from shyness is just a specific behavior in specific situations and that this can be overcome permanently. It is important to know that even the more extroverted with a high degree of self-esteem may feel shy in certain situations.

Shyness goes from not knowing what to say when you’re with other people to feeling less and in fact under the microscope all the time. Definitely not pleasant feeling that hurt people.

That’s why I present below with 6 ways for you to learn how to overcome shyness and to start to live life in a much more enjoyable way.

– Determine the reason for your shyness. There are always reasons why we act certain ways in certain situations. It may be because that person intimidates us or because we feel inferior or because we are afraid to see us ridiculed, and so on.
Remember that one of the major causes of shyness is the fact feel less on par with people we believe are of great value . Basically we interact in some way with people who believe a certain value.

The key is to feel good about yourself so that you do not consider anyone else has a value greater than yours and therefore act in a totally natural and free of shyness in his presence.

– It is important that you conduct yourself confidently when you’re alone. Practice constantly and also simulate uncomfortable situations in your mind until you get to control the anxiety you feel when you’re in public.

Talk, walk and behave confidently every day until you do naturally in the company of others. Acting as if you were not a shy person is one of the great keys to gradually overcoming shyness. Your brain may adopt a different mindset if you exert a change on a daily

– Take care of your appearance. This is an excellent way to begin to overcome fear simply because when you look good it makes you feel even better with higher self-esteem, which gives you confidence to speak fluently and much more comfortably.
Whether going to a gym to improve your figure, getting a hair cut or getting facials, these activities help you feel better about yourself.

– Try to interact with people who share your interests. When you’re around people with similar tastes and opinions to yours then you feel much more comfortable and at ease. This allows you to interact naturally and expose yourself to situations that you can then dominate in the presence of other people.

You could get to a yoga class, a football club, a dance class, etc.. The initial contact will be much easier because you already have a definite conversation piece. You can also see ways to relate to these people, which will give you the necessary practice to feel more comfortable in situations to come.

– If you do not have the confidence to approach someone then starts to smile and try to see you as a person who has much to offer. You will see that most people are very receptive when you smile or make a nice gesture. Overcoming shyness can start with something as simple as a smile!

It is important that at the beginning make a personal effort to be more outgoing and social. You know, you pretend not to be a shy person until you stop naturally be. Learn how to overcome shyness and results may depend on the effort and belief you carry inside.

Guide to Shyness and Social Anxiety System. This guide was written by renowned social therapist Sean Cooper. This guide tells you step by step how to overcome shyness, social anxiety and low self-esteem through exercise and foolproof techniques that leave permanent results. The guide is the best-seller on the internet and has positively impact the lives of hundreds of people around the world.

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How to Lose Shyness:: Shyness Loss Techniques

January 26, 2012

If you want to learn how to lose the shyness then you are at the right place. We analyze a factor that causes shyness: self-esteem. Having low self-esteem is a problem that negatively affects all areas of our lives, from our work to our personal relationships, all suffer unnecessarily. That’s why I decided to write this article, below are ways on how to improve self-esteem and lose the shyness.

Start by asking yourself these questions to yourself:

* Am I comfortable with myself?

* Do I think I’m a good person?

* Do I deserve to be loved by others?

* Do I deserve to be happy?

Shy people with low self-esteem usually respond with “yes” to most of these questions. Perhaps you’re one of them. So what can you do about it?

Remember – You are Unique and Special

One way to begin improving your self-esteem is in recognition of the fact that you are a unique and special person – there is nobody in the world like you. Not just your fingerprints and your DNA is different and unique but also your mind and the way this works is totally unique for you.

If nature has made you unique compared to other people then maybe you should not feel the need to accept that you’re an unimportant person without the same right to be happy on this planet? Of course you are!

You have many rights. One of them is the right to be wrong. Remember that making mistakes is all natural and human – well most of us learn from mistakes in order to make things right.

Put in Perspective your Behavior

Unfortunately many of shy people tend to judge themselves very strong when they make a mistake or misjudge a situation. For example, these people feel they are “not good” for losing a game, losing a job opportunity or because their partners left them.

You must remember that events like these happen and how we react to them are just a small part of who we really are. For example, those entrusted with self-esteem and do not define themselves by their occasional failures nor denigrate themselves when things do not go their way. Their concept of themselves is based on a much broader spectrum and is not determined by these trifles.

If you are a person prone to be hard on yourself when some aspect of your life fails remember that this is just a small fragment of the many components that make up your true identity.

Stop Destructive Thoughts!

Many timid and low self-esteem people feel that they are not important and also that their opinions and views do not matter. Here is this? If so then it is important to change this mindset right now – because if you still think so, then this will make other people think exactly the same about you.

The key is to regard yourself as a valuable person with much to contribute. A person comfortable with themselves has ideas and opinions equally valid as those of others. Begin to act confidently and securely until it makes you forget your natural and previous behavior.

Do not Forget That ..

All the excuses of a person who thinks he or she can not have a good social life have been won by people with much more defects, much less skill and far fewer resources than them.

There are people out there who have reason to have a lower self-esteem than you and are socially and professionally successful despite this.

This does not mean you should blame yourself for your low self-esteem or your social anxiety, no. What this means is that you recognize that you are able to respond – and respond as the great – once you’ve decided to do something about improving your quality of life.

You will see a huge impact on all facets of your life once you learn to respect you and love yourself.

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